Replica Kit Car Builders

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    John George, 2012 NASA FFR Champion, posing in his Type 65R Coupe

The Traveling Builder is a family owned business that builds custom replica kit cars in the comfort of your garage.

Mark Dougherty has over 30 years experience fabricating, building, and racing cars, and working for a kit car manufacturer for many years. The biggest asset Mark has to offer (besides his size) is his ability to educate and support people in their own garage, by showing them how to properly assemble safe and reliable replica kit cars. For pictures of our work, please visit our showcase page. To talk to Mark directly about your build, please use the contact form below.
Replica kit cars are a unique hobby and business. Mark has built cars for speed, agility, and longevity. We build cars used for sanctioned road racing, autocross, drag racing, and street cruising. Kit cars (component cars, replicas, etc.) are a special hobby for people from many different backgrounds, and Mark has experience with them all. Our promise to you is to help you build the most amazing replica kit car you could ever dream of in the comfort of your own garage. We also offer a shop in Hershey PA to help people along with their build. Please use our contact form to contact us about your build. Please provide as much information as possible. Once we receive your inquiry, Mark will schedule a free phone consultation within 72 hours. Thank you for visiting our page!